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Labour’s six pledges: the first draft

A cleaner at Labour HQ claims to have found the first draft of the six pledges in a waste paper basket.

The pledges have clearly been through a long process of discussion, development and testing with focus groups, as you can see from the following first draft:

Labour pledges to the electorate (first draft, Not For Tory Eyes)

1. No lying, and no lying about lying

2. No crashing the economy with bonkers budget promises

3. No government contracts for anyone’s mates, especially if you met them in the pub

4. No talk of picaninnies, watermelon smiles and letterbox burqas

5. No bunking off Cobra meetings for parties, wine in suitcases, or any other reason

6. No defending criminals, perverts, racists, weirdos and holocaust deniers, even if they are MPs

7. PM to resign immediately if more than 50 members of the government resign within 48 hours

As you can see, the Labour party has worked hard to develop these rather negative ideas into the more positive pledges set out at the recent launch event. The original draft may still, however, prove valuable to Labour candidates in the run up to the general election, when talking to voters.

Hat tip to Titus regarding his earlier post

By Deskpilot

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