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Labour unexpectedly releases risqué 2024 Starmer calendar

In what is seen as Labour’s potential first misstep, Sir Keir Starmer has released a 2024 calendar with a series of risqué and provocative poses. The move, as Labour HQ has announced, is to capture the “thirsty” vote.

'For too long has there been a distinct lack of sexiness in Downing Street,' said Mr Starmer at a press conference dressed in a leather trousers, jacket, cowboy boots and no shirt. 'Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss, Sunak hold nothing to my…..majority.' He thrust his crotch suggestively to the photographers nearby.

The calendar shows a bold new direction with images such as January showing Mr Starmer riding a horse seemingly naked and March portraying him in a Doctor’s white coat pulled up to reveal his bare bottom. The latter is thought to be his tribute to the NHS. June sees him lying sideways across a judge's desk in a courtroom with a gavel in a suggestive place.

Labour say that the calendars are flying off the shelves. Feedback is coming back that some people are very much looking forward to December 2024 not only for the potential general election but also for Mr Starmer’s appearance as a naked Santa Claus with only a present sack to cover his dignity.

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