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Large chimney demolished without being made into cheap joke at the end of the news

A 600ft chimney at the former Longannet power station has been demolished and filmed collapsing, without being shown at the end of the news in reverse, as if it blew up and then magically re-assembled again.

There was once a long tradition of this visual joke at the end of the British news, where a chimney or tall building is demolished, and then immediately shown to re-form, as if it never had been blown up in the first place. In the days before the Internet, when Britain was largely powered by small dogs and the tears of the oppressed, people used to find it hugely funny watching buildings collapse and then re-form. Back then, of course, there was only 2 channels, BBC1, which showed programmes about tea cups, and BBC2, which just showed a man with a beard. Millions would tune in just to watch someone falling over in a pub, then doing it in reverse.

With the advent of Google, reverse demolishions fell out of favour. Now a whole new generation prefers to watch dogs on skateboards and that idiot who tries to knock down a chimney with a hammer only to have to fall a bit, then keep standing, so he has to start all over again.

Members of "Demolish It Backwards Now And Hurry!" (D.I.B.N.A.H) are demanding we bring back the tradition but no one listens to them so it doesn't matter.

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