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'Lego to replace Bitcoins' - Out Now

Dear friends of NewsBiscuit,

We have released another book.. You can order e-copies here.. Paperback and hardback copies can be ordered here. They may even be available if Amazon have pulled their finger out.

‘The Media has become a fetid stream of ill-informed and scurrilous reporting, and for that I say - ‘You’re Welcome’.’ Sir Hugo Von Biscuit (NewsBiscuit owner and sweat shop enthusiast)

NewsBiscuit – has done to journalism what flat earthers have done to NASA. It has redefined the word truth, beaten it to death and buried it in an undisclosed location. This collection of stories from 2013-17 walks a fine line between absolute twaddle and actionable slander. NewsBiscuit – real fake news.

‘Lego to replace Bitcoins’ is the latest humorous output from the UK’s oldest online satirical website. NewsBiscuit was launched by John O’Farrell in September 2006 and has been one step away from a super-injunction ever since.

This lovingly crafted compendium comes in a paper-based format and a digital-thingy for those who know how to work that stuff.

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