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Liz Truss demolishes former Leeds school to lay foundation for an Anti-Woke Theme Park

Liz Truss, the former PM, who is busy positioning herself as a figurehead on the international stage for libertarian politics, is now branching into the alternative recreation space. Less than a month after her speech at a right-wing think tank in Washington, Truss has announced she is launching the world’s first anti-woke theme park, in Yorkshire, on the site of her former school demolished earlier in the day.

Pressed for concrete plans, Truss has been vague on what will be offered in the park, how it will be funded, and the viability of a theme park around anti-wokeness against the likes of existing parks like Diggerland, Lightwater Valley and also Alton Towers. The former PM has promised a boom in visitors benefiting the city with a high speed monorail from London straight to the park, and putting Leeds on an international anti-woke trail. Citing Disneyland’s impact on surrounding 1950s Anaheim and Orange County, Truss promised that within a decade there would also be a flourishing animation studio to rival Woke cartoons from Hollywood.

Accompanied by her stylist and Instagram photographer, Truss stood on a mound of rubble, where Roundhay School stood until this morning, an institution she blames for making her become Liberal Democrat's most committed youth politician. Earlier in the day, pupils, parents and teachers arrived at the school to see Truss dressed as a foreman, directing a demolition of the building by up to 50 cranes and bulldozers. Holding a burnt copy of the Socialist Worker at the launch, Truss claimed it was found within a hidden printing press in the basement, along with shrines to BLM, Marx, Lenin and Greta Thunberg.

Refusing to answer any more questions, Truss left in her private helicopter towards her constituency of South West Norfolk where she was due to drop from the air signed photos and unsold copies of her 2023 calendar.

It has since been revealed that the costs of the demolition are being passed back to the woke teachers of the school, both active and retired. Further questions from angry locals were dealt with by the anti-woke mascot for the park, who denied accusations that this was a shameless publicity stunt which left thousands of pupils and future generations in the area without a school. When the park is finally built the Mascot said, ‘It would bring employment opportunities to make up for the lack of schooling, generating profits equivalent to the GDP of the former East Germany before the fall of the wall.’

The anti-woke park is alleged to be inspired by a trip to Dollywood, Tennessee, after her successful talk at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC. Dollywood would not confirm a British suspect looking like Truss at the same time as her visit, was seen leaving the park with unpaid for items from the gift shop.


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