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Loch Ness Monster search: everything you don't need to know

As yet another search of Loch Ness comes to a conclusion, we answer all your questions about this heap of nonsense, er sorry...we mean this fascinating mystery.

Did the search find anything?


Was there ever any chance they would find genuine evidence of Nessie?


Is the revelation of a possible network of underwater tunnels at the bottom of the loch a game changer?


Will the mobilisation of hundreds of volunteers, on top of decades of studies and thousands of tourist trips on the loch, all finding nothing, end speculation about the monster?


Does the whole thing benefit the tourist industry of the area, including two competing official Monster Museums, all of it based on something that doesn't exist?

Oh yes.

Would the volunteers be better off searching for something else that doesn't exist, like Kier Starmer's imagination or Nadine Dorries' integrity?

Not really. At least Loch Ness has nice scenery.

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Aug 30, 2023

And keeps the loonies occupied.

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