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Magazine stuns reader by having just one suggestion on how to improve…

A weekly magazine noted for regularly suggesting 10 ways everything can improve, has disappointed some of its readers today by suggesting a paltry single way.

Reader Gladys Pugh from Chiswick said she felt cheated after spending two quid on the magazine in the hope of learning ten things that would improve her life but only getting one said “It’s inflation gone mad! It used to be 20p per suggestion, but now it’s costing ten times as much.

Her husband, Richard Pugh, also from Chiswick at the time this article was written, is the magazine editor and pointed out that as every idea they publish invariably entails purchases, having just the one suggestion is what people need in a cost of living crisis and he intends to ensure his writers focus on brilliant suggestions for how his wife can improve her life by visiting the pound shop.

“I had to take action after last week’s edition had ridiculous suggestions that ended up costing three hundred quid we don’t have to spare.” he said “The last thing we needed was ten more suggestions for arguments.”

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