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Man bemoans yet another low trade-in car valuation

A Colchester man has been left rueing his long run of bad fortune with cars after receiving yet another low valuation from a car showroom when attempting to part-exchange his vehicle. Peter Jones was left reeling after obtaining a quote of less than half the figure he had got from for his 2017 Renault Clio.

'I've been really unlucky with each of the four cars I've owned, that's for sure', said Jones, dejectedly. 'Every time, the poor salesman has had to deliver some bad news to me, completely out of the blue. Back in 2010 it was my Fiesta. I really had no idea that their value depreciated the most between the third and fourth year of ownership - trust my luck that I was trading in right in that slot'.

'I factored that in with my next car, a Focus, trading it in after 2 years in 2012', continued Jones. 'The darnedest thing though...the salesman told me that getting parts for Focus's of that particular year were a known industry problem.'

'And then, in 2017, to be told that the second hand market for Minis had collapsed following Brexit. Could happen to anyone I guess'.

'The guys at my dealership really did me proud this time, though', Jones noted with a smile.

'The salesman I was dealing with went off to see his manager, and came back with a part-exchange value £200 more than the one they first offered. I could see the two of them deep in conversation. I hope that act of kindness doesn't affect their monthly sales targets.'

Jones believes his luck with cars may now have changed too. 'My salesman offered me this upholstery protection at £700 on the Qashqai I was buying, so I've pretty much future-proofed the trade in value for this beauty'.

'The market for Qashqai's is pretty solid too. There's a lot of them coming off the assembly lines', continued Jones. 'At least that's what I think the salesman meant when he muttered that there is one born every minute as I left the showroom'.

Image: Photo by Alex Suprun on Unsplash

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