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Man depressed to realise that upgrading his phone highlight of at least a year

Wayne Bradley, 51, of Milton Keynes was initially delighted with his new iPhone 15 Pro Max as he had been putting off his upgrade for a couple of years. However, on getting his new phone home and beginning to use the new features he realised he hadn't felt anything like this joy for at least a year.

He thought back across recent highlights which included finding 50p in an old coat pocket; getting an all chocolate finger on his weekly KitKat treat; and getting home to find his family out for a couple of hours.

He told us, "I wouldn't say I'm unhappy but the feelings I got when I opened up that white box and felt that new phone in my hand far outweighed when we received my son's excellent GCSE results or my daughter starting University. I'll only use it check my emails, which are all ads, and scrolling through twitter. I haven't called anyone for about 3 months."

Mr Bradley trailed off from our conversation and checked his emails.

"Wow," he absentmindedly exclaimed, "2 for 1 compost bags at Homebase. That IS a good deal."

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