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Man desperate for condoms "heartbroken" by 3 week pharmacist appointment

Ron Jenkins of Clacton has taken to social media to express his frustration at receiving an appointment with a pharmacist three weeks after he met a "not too fussy" Sharon, from nearby Brightlingsea at a karaoke evening. 

'We were just getting busy when Miss, actually I don't know her second name, asked about "precautions". My first thought was the all-night chemist across the road, but when I went there the new appointment system was explained. When I told Sharon about this, she said she wasn't in the mood any more.'

When asked if there were plans for the couple to meet up in three weeks once he'd managed to buy some condoms, Mr Jenkins sadly said, 'No, I made the mistake of turning the light on. I've had to take matters into my own hands.'

Photo by Dima Mukhin on Unsplash

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