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Man prompts outrage with terrifying '40-something-burnout' Halloween outfit

Norfolk man Rod Flannigan plans to 'dust off' his only pair of jeans combined with a threadbare Ghostbusters T-shirt, an ensemble he wears on any given day - with local parents concerned that it is too frightening for young Trick or Treaters.

'I'm all for a bit of spooky fun, but this is horrific' said neighbour and mum of three, Karen. 'Our five year old Jake isn't afraid of Freddy Krueger answering the door, but having to endure the sight what decades of mundane work, chicken nuggets and cripplingly low aspiration could do to him is just sick. Flannigan should have the decency to hide behind a mask, like the bloody rest of us.'

Rod remains defiant. 'No one is scared of ghouls and ghosts these days' said the 45 year old. 'What's really frightening is the state of the NHS, my cat's food bill and the last three Star Wars films.'

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