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Manufacturer wins landmark copyright case

In a landmark European Court decision, sporting giant Adidas has not only won protective status for their three stripe logo, but has also established copy right protection of the letters in the company name.

As a result of this ruling, strict new letter usage laws will be enforced from the end of this sentence.

No one wntng to ue thee letter n document n pper wll nee to negotte "rght to ue" greement with th compny. Extng book n publcton wll become ubject to lcence pyment.

There re concern tht Mzon, Krft n Mcrooft wll lunch mlr collectve cton, mkng the Wetern Lphbet unusble except n text mege.

Protet t th rulng re hmpere by no one beng ble to re ther forml wrtten objecton.


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1 Comment

Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson
Aug 17, 2023

A manufacturer's victory in a landmark copyright case marks a significant legal precedent, potentially shaping how intellectual property is protected in similar industries. This ruling could impact how creators and innovators navigate copyright challenges and establish ownership rights over their products or designs. The implications of this case highlight the evolving landscape of intellectual property law and its potential effects on various sectors.

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