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Mariah Carey disappointed to receive just 'you' for Xmas

The seasonal diva has said in retrospect she would have preferred another holiday home in Malibu. Forced to update the lyrics to her xmas hit, Miss Carey said all she now wants is a gold-plated private jet and a trailer filled with hairless kittens.

Her agent explained: 'Wanting 'you' may be romantic but it's simply not a tradeable asset. It's also far too vague. Now if the 'you' in question was Jeff Bezos, then we might be interested.'

Having tried to return 'you' for store credit, the singer was spotted, later, dumping 'you' in the local canal. Next year she promised to be more obvious asking for lavish gifts, more of you know what and less of you know who.

image from pixabay

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