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Mastodon: birds evolving back into prehistoric animals due to Eon Tusk

People are flocking away from flocking Twitter (or is it X?) in their flocking millions.

A little Tweety bird has been beheaded, plucked and stuffed nicely in time for a summer barbecue snack. Divisive platform of limitless insanity, Eon Tusk, caused global inflation by overpaying billions of coin for one item. But then, in a series of genius business entrepreneur masterstrokes, Tusk devalued Twitter, fired half of the employees who made it work, and then killed off its brand recognition by renaming it X.

In a flurry of feathers and tortuous squawking, Twitter users flocked off to other environments, evolving into other forms. One such form takes that of the Mastodon, a prehistoric, furry, elephant-like creature now roaming the plains of social network land and the fediverse. Mastodon is growing and expanding at a rate not seen since... since... people left Facebook for Twitter.

If half the talent of Twitter now exists elsewhere, who's to say they won't coalesce, reforming innovative adaptations of Twitter in new and improved ways? Is it the survival of the featheriest? Or is it now the survival of the furriest? And if birds came from dinosaurs and return to being prehistoric animals, what's the word for the opposite of evolution?

Image created by and courtesy of Stux

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Aug 24, 2023

So, what you're saying os Paedo Leon is well plucked?

"what's the word for the opposite of evolution?" Brexit?

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