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Met Police officer ‘shamed’ for having committed no crime

PC Josh Frost, 31, has been suspended from duties pending an enquiry into his lack of illicit behaviour and his reluctance to beat up students. His line manager commented: ‘It would be at this point that any normal officer would offer a bribe or try to blackmail me into releasing him. Let’s just see if PC Frost has what it takes?’

The scandal that has rocked the Metropolitan Police, has shown that Frost has had years of normal policing and has not once stalked or murdered anyone. He has steadfastly refused to turn a blind eye to local gangsters or even vote for Nick Clegg.

He even flunked joining the armed police, SCO19, as he refused to shoot the wrong person. A colleague remarked: ‘Josh has been a nightmare to work with, he speaks to witnesses, he diligently gathers evidence – and that’s just as likely to end up with one us in gaol’.

However, there is one crime they hope to pin on him – impersonating a police officer.

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