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Millions watch racist MEP totally ‘eclipse’ racist Party Leader

School children, wearing protective goggles, were treated to the rare glimpse of Nigel Farage’s face been obscured in tabloid papers by reports of his own fraudulent UKIP colleagues. Once-in-a-generation does someone come along more inappropriate than Mr. Farage; remarked one child: ‘I looked up to see a massive shadow over the whole of Europe, a thick, grey mass – but I’m told that was the UKIP membership’.

One astrologer explained: ‘Normally, to experience a total Farage Eclipse, the public would need to subscribe to The Guardian. The media darkness peaked at 09:35 GMT, with almost no reference to Mr. Farage’s ‘blokey charm’. Although people were warned not to stare at The Sun for too long, for fear of getting a nipple in the eye’.


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