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Mobile footage of music gig 'really great to watch back'

Eleanor Evans recently went to a concert, filming most of it on her phone.

Evans said 'It was just like watching them on Youtube, but with the extra expense of tickets, drinks and a taxi home.'

'My video is amazing and I never get tired of showing it to people. How will people know I went to this gig otherwise? You can see the band about 50% of the time because of the backs of people’s heads. The other 50% I was jumping up and down so the footage makes you feel physically sick. Plus the sound is really tinny and you can hear the couple next to us having a full blown row – she should definitely leave him.'

'However, I couldn’t believe how many people were on their phones during the gig. You can see it in my video. So disrespectful.'

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1 Comment

Sep 20, 2023

To be expected from those who actually believe "reality tv" is reality.

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