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Musicians sound better dead

As albums of recently deceased Prince top the charts, fans clearly avoided purchasing his CDs while the artist was alive (and relevant), preferring to wait for funeral bells and a cast iron guarantee that they will never record again. One newly found fan of Prince explained: ‘Prior to his death all I could hear was discordant noise, accompanied by a shrill whine. But now I realise he was a genius. With the added bonus that I can bang on about his music, without having to listen to anything he did in the last ten years.’

Fans will jump on any musical bandwagon – provided it looks like a hearse. With editors of the NME are now considering replacing their front page with an obituary column. A music historian commented: ‘Mozart died a pauper, yet his work has grown in stature. Likewise, Pete Doherty smells like someone died and with the passage time everyone will realise he was sh$t.’

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