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Netanyahu claims aid trucks to Gaza are parking antisemitically

The Israeli Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been accused of prank calling the 'How's My Driving?' number stuck on the back of lorries that are delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza.

As the phone rang yet again in her office, temp Amy Armstrong sighed and rolled her eyes 'Hello again Mr Netanyahu... No, I don't think those four lorries are deliberately forming the shape of a Swastika... we'd actually rather you didn't rain down the wrath of Abraham on our vehicles... well the lorries' sat navs are saying "from the river to the sea" because they’re having to rely on natural landmarks... well that's because you’ve bombed all the addresses in Gaza off Google Maps... Yes, well that is a lot of plagues isn't it... Alright then, well enjoy the humanitarian pause for reloading.'

Armstrong made herself a tea, before adding 'It makes a change from calls about tailgating on the M6.'

image from pixabay

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