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New series of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ will be set in Calais

Sources from ITV have confirmed rumours that the channel's new series of 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here!' is to be set on the outskirts of Calais. 'This is a variation on a theme; usually we send our celebs to Australia but this new jungle that has sprung up in Calais provides our stars with plenty of challenges' said a spokesman.

The contestants will be placed in an abandoned building about 3 miles from the town's centre and will face the usual endurance tests only with a twist.

'The celebs will face the usual deprivations but instead of sleeping bags, our usually pampered celebs will have to sleep on mouldy old mattresses and use old carrier bags to collect water.' said the spokesman.

The viewers will vote which star they wish to vote out of the hell hole every couple of nights and they will get the opportunity to escape by attempting to get back into the UK by any means possible. Part-time glamour model Linzi Chambers has today revealed that she had been approached for the series but had refused claiming that clinging onto the underside of a lorry for dear life for six hours would 'ruin her nails'.

'It's this aspect that may need a rethink' said critics of the new show. 'Perhaps they'll take some desperate but hard-working migrant and deport the celeb who's only famous only for sleeping with a Premiership footballer. Now that might be worth watching.'

S J Roe

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