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NEWSBISCUIT offer: Free BORIS QUITS! cut and paste headline for all our readers

Newsbiscuit is proud to announce a special one-off, never to be repeated offer. Famed for being first with the news before it happens, after it has happened, or somewhere in between, Newsbiscuit offers YOU, our readers, the offer of a lifetime.

Want to remember where you were when BORIS QUITS?

Bored with telling your friends Boris has quit when he actually hasn’t?

Now you can cut and paste your own interactive headline: BORIS QUITS! This headline is particularly suitable for sacked aides, disgruntled backbenchers and parties of all shapes and sizes.

No need to worry about breaking the bank with our Special FREE price of £19.99 + postage.

This headline is guaranteed for six months.

Grabs yours now while stocks last.

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