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Nigel Farage Exempt From Bushtucker Trials and Eviction

With the latest series of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! starting on Sunday night, producers have announced that former UKIP leader and peddler of £80 Birthday Messages Nigel Farage will be exempt from both Bushtucker Trials and Eviction due to his lack of a spine.

At the series launch press conference, Ant or Dec elaborated on the situation for the producers. 'Due to injuries sustained in both a plane crash and seven failures to get elected to parliament,' they began,'Nigel has been left with absolutely no backbone of which to speak. As such, to avoid anything as embarrassing as losing to a man dressed as a dolphin, and to maximise his fee - I mean viewer enjoyment - he is not eligible to do anything other than use the show as a platform for his views with no repercussions. To avoid claims of a fix on social media, we are also pleased to announce Nigel as the winner of the 2023 series.'

Fans of the show had mixed views about the situation, with one commenting on Twitter, "I loved the idea of Nigel surrounded by anuses and testicles, it would be like his show on GB News. I'm glad he's already announced as the winner too, as I couldn't stand another one like Kerry Katonia.'

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