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“No mow May” activist “just a lazy git”, says wife.

A Tipton man has shocked his family with his sudden eco-warrior stance on mowing the lawn. Gary Jackson, 35, explained to family and friends at their Bank Holiday barbecue that he was going to "rewild" his garden in order to help save the environment. Brother in law, Dennis Reynolds, told our reporter, 'He started to pontificate about how dandelions are the perfect flower for pollinators, such as bees and that, and by cutting the grass and destroying them, we are killing bees and thus are no better than Hitler, Idi Amin, or Barry from Number 28, who tarmaced over his lawn when he bought that caravan just before lockdown.' His wife, Susan, said, 'He's even started going on about joining the Green Party but he's not fooling anyone. He's a lazy arse and needs to have a word with himself before I pack a bag and go back to my mother's again.'


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