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Nobody gives a f*ck about the Google daily artwork anymore

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

In days gone by people used to log on to Google just to see what day they were celebrating and how clever their artwork could be, with the six letters represented by stick men, ancient monuments and, on a particularly interesting last day at Google for one of its artists, dildos bent into the shapes of the letters. Nowadays people just blank the images.

'To be honest, I didn't know they still did it,' said Jenna from London. 'All I wanted to do was to prove that bitch in accounts was wrong when she said all the Monkees wore beanie hats.' The sentiment is the same all over the Google space - people just using the facility for what it is - a major corporate attempt at sucking data out of each and everyone of us. One day last year the logo was changed to 'Ask Jeeves' in sparkly figures of butlers - no-one noticed.

Researchers studying the Google phenomenon say the only people who linger over the images today are representatives of HMRC, hoping to find a hidden clue as to when the internet giant might get around to paying some taxes. They got close last year when they logged on and saw the logo represented by six index fingers pointing upwards, knuckle out. 'I think they were hinting that the payment was going to be astronomical,' said one of HMRCs finest today.

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