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Nudist holiday camp hits peek season

A facility for people who like to get naked and which is pleasingly close to where you live is proving spectacularly popular. Young, attractive nudists are flocking to the camp, which is hitting peak season this week. Coincidentally, it is also hitting peek season for the weak. Local residents have been inspecting viewing positions situated around the perimeter. 

'It's not seedy at all,' said Claudia Body from just down the road. 'It's all tastefully done and viewing points are clearly scratched into the outer panels. If you don't have your own hand drill, Maud's more than happy to give you one. 'I'm quite partial to the muscular male lunges section, and so is our chief of police. But if ladies bouncing on trampolines is more your kind of thing, then that's four neatly parked Volkswagen Beetles round.

'I can't think of a better way to bring a community together. Previously, the majority of my curtain twitching was done from my upstairs back bedroom. But now I can get out of the house and join all of my neighbours peeping together in one place. I haven't been home in days. I don't even remember... oh... do I have a cat?'

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