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Peep's Diary, 17 June.

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

And so to the Bethlehem Hospital to view the Lunaticks lately arrived.

In the first room, one Matt Hancock who does think himself an Minister of State. He believes he has control of some Witchery which can keep the Pestilence at bay. He repeatedly shrieks "Data not Dates" which no person can make sense of. It is obvious the fellow has lost his wits.

In the next room, one Dominic Cummings. He does lie in his own filth and will try to throw his excreta upon any who attempt to come near. He has many scraps of manuscript and has daubed much nonsense on the walls in shit. His Keepers tell that he blames his current downfall to Witch called Symonds. He utters profanities that would make a Covent Garden Whore to blush.

In the last, a vile creature named Cressida Dick. They do say that it is a woman that claims to be a Constable of the Peace. However, it is known that she is the heir to a corrupt clan that did feign protection of the populace of London, yet did lie and dissemble for their own benefit. She does claim that she is of the utmost purity whilst all around can smell the stench that does issue from her mouth.

I fear there is no cure for these Wretches.

Then home by boat, where I came upon my wyfe using her Godeminche in her Contrapunctum to my Delite. Did then feast upon a jug of Oysters.

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