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People who aren't interested in the coronation talking about it an awful lot

People who aren’t interested in the coronation of King Charles III are spending way more time talking about it than people who are a bit interested and will watch it because it’s an historic event. Jeremy Rummage is not interested in the coronation and has told his wife of his disinterest (repeatedly), his neighbours on both sides twice, the postman, the man in the newspaper shop, a dog walker, a queue of people waiting for a bus, the goldfinches using his bird feeder and a squirrel. Jeremy has called those who will watch it quiche loving peasants, crown obsessed mugs and kowtowing serfs. He has been met with nonchalant shrugs and is hoping to meet an ardent royalist in his real life, a good lively one like there seems to be no shortage of on the vox pops on the telly.


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