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People who love Christmas attempting to convince everyone Junemas is a thing

Frivolous individuals who love Christmas have spotted a chance to have another bite at the mince pie this June and are engaged in a subtle campaign to make Junemas a thing, despite only Aldi and Sainsbury’s actually thinking it’s a thing (and then only because it’ll help them flog some extra groceries).

Annoying cheerful woman Carol Bell has already invited guests for Junemas dinner on the 25th and bought Twiglets. She’s been browsing eBay and Amazon for a Junemas advent calendar and wondering how far out of date chocolate can be while still tasting okay.

Carol’s slightly curmudgeonly husband Dave Bell told us, “Junemas is just not a thing, even if Carol has mentioned it on Twitter, but it does no harm and I might get a nice dinner out of it so I’m saying “Yes Dear” to any mentions of it. It can’t be as expensive and time consuming as the December version.”

Asked for a comment, Father Christmas said he could see nothing wrong with having a Junemas celebration after Christmas 2020 being a bit of a toughie to celebrate what with a rampaging coronavirus cramping the festive style of many. He pointed out that some people in the southern hemisphere like to have a Christmas in July celebration so they have a go at a roast dinner during their winter, and it might be nice for the northern hemisphere to have a jolly barbecue.

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