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Pepys' Diary: The Great Drought

The Lord's Day. Decided not to ride into into town, as the horse was all of a lather when I rode him home yestereve. The heat has persisted for days and it is damnable hot, even at night. Far too hot for congress with Elizabeth.

Did stroll to *MM*'s house to view his plans for the building of fine properties to the north of the City. He says he will deliver fresh water to each house and remove the waste to the Thames. Madness of course. Neither the Sovereign nor the Lord Mayor would commit funds to such a venture. He hopes to find a Speculator who will invest, perhaps Lord Southern who, it appears, has money in abundance. However, he is an avaricious rogue and would needs be kept under constant scrutiny

On my perambulation thence to the Crowne. I did espy many citizens were cooking their meats on braziers. The Lord Mayor has warned against this as many houses are huddled together in closes and they are tinder dry. I fear that London is primed for a Great Conflagration.

At the Crowne, spoke with the pamphleteers Littlejohn and Hitchens. They had much to say about the two persons hoping to replace the disgraced First Lord of the Treasury. They regard both as small beer and not suitable for public life. Indeed, many find their promises to protect the public purse as pie in the sky. I doubt that they could even lead geese to market.

Had a fine veal pie with Irish Stout and thence home. May it rain soon.

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