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"Piltdown Man fiasco was nothing, compared to this" say archaeology deniers

Archaeologists who discovered a bone comb among other artefacts around what had been believed to be a Roman mausoleum in London who had previously said it adds proof to the suggestion that ancient Roman remains were used to make hairdressing equipment prized by the Vestal virgins, have been embarrassed by the revelation that the supposed mausoleum site was previously owned by TilesЯus, a kitchen and bathroom supply business, established in Victorian times, but whose premises were bombed in WW2.

The painstaking work of assembling mosaics from the tile fragments was brought into question after a TilesЯus catalogue was discovered by an archaeology student in a British Library vault, displaying what the original tiles looked like when they were intact.

“It was a pure stroke of luck,” said Richie Croesus, the student. “I opted to help out with the dig so I could work on my tan, when this bird from the British Library turned up and asked if I wanted to see some etchings she had access to. We had barely started bonking in the British Library vault, when this book fell off the filing cabinet, with pictures of the very same tiles we’d been trying to assemble into a mosaic.”

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