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Pokéy Grindr sweeps the nation

Hot on the heels of the augmented realty success Pokémon GO, a new dating-app is allowing amorous singletons to locate the whereabouts of horny anime characters. Described a 'geosocial f$ckfest', the game lets you swipe between lubricated pocket monsters and then hunt them down for no-strings-attached consensual poking.

There are more than 700 creatures that inhabit the Pokéy Grindr universe, 27 of which are full time MPs. And in true S&M fashion, the 'trainers' can take their captured creature back to a gym/dungeon for hours of fetish fun.

Compatible with GPS and LGBTQ+, the App allows Pokéy-curious players experience it manga-style for the first time. It is now a familiar sight, seeing players frantically flicking their Pokéy Balls in public in the hope of luring a garishly coloured gimp. Although STD clinics have also been inundated with players complaining of widespread itching - with the tag line Gotta Catch 'Em All.

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