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Police offer advice to women on what to do while being murdered by police

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Women have been told to ask for a police officer's warrant card and if possible use a mobile phone to photograph it and send it to a local police station or their MP while being murdered by the policeman. The police have also suggested that while being unlawfully killed women should take a note of the officer's number and jot down any physical characteristics that might later identify him.

In related news, it is understood police will also later publish guidance on how to spot undercover police officers, particularly those who turn out to be a woman's husband or co-habitee.

A spokesman said that occurrences like the recent murder, failure to deal with warning signs, the Stephen Lawrence case, the cover up of the Stephen Lawrence case, the cover up over the Daniel Morgan case, and multiple cases of undercover officers committing sexual offences as well as yet-to-be disclosed cases of police crimes are 'flashes in the pan'.

'We think the public should sleep easy in their beds, but we do advise they check the loved one with whom they are sharing that bed is who he says he is, so make an identity check part of your bedtime routine.'

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