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Prince Philip to guest edit NewsBiscuit

The Palace has confirmed that the request for the Duke of Edinburgh to guest edit NewsBiscuit is likely to become a reality. Founder John O'Farrell put the request in to Buckingham Palace in 2009 after a boozy night with some BBC writers and an undisclosed bet, but the request was prioritised down to the lowest level and never reached fruition during the Prince's life.

Since the Prince passed demand for his patronage has declined markedly, with few new requests being made most weeks. Consequently, the request is now reaching the top of the list, just behind a request to open the Flint Greggs store (opened without the Prince in 2005, closed two years later and now home to a charity shop selling pre-loved porn) and a guest appearance on Jim'll Fix It.

'The Duke would have loved the guest edit gig,' said a Palace spokesman today. 'He wasn't that tech-savvy, but he loved the print version, especially the racist homophobic bits. When did you change your name from the Daily Mail?' he asked.

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