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‘Racism not okay on social media but fine in my newspaper column’, PM explains

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The crude use of emojis on social media is not an acceptable form of racism in our society, but lording Britain’s former colonial rule over African nations in his newspaper column is absolutely fine, Boris Johnson explained during the latest PMQs.

After being pressed to elaborate further, Johnson was reported by a spokesperson as saying, “Prejudiced plebs who can’t even speak Latin repeatedly bashing a button on their dimwit devices” was in no way comparable to him “merely highlighting the obvious fact that the English always have and always will be vastly superior to any other people on the planet.”

When it was pointed out that the Prime Minister’s comments were slightly contradictory to say the least, Johnson is said to have said that the truth “is jolly well there for all to see in black and white”, an assertion which none of his opponents could argue with.

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