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Rare hybrid dolphins spotted off coast is a Brexit benefit says Environment Minister

The cetaceans seen in Falmouth, do not normally visit the UK coastline, so the Environment Secretary has taken the opportunity to claim their arrival in British waters as a Brexit benefit in much the same way that her colleague in the Home Office appreciates it to be with the ever-increasing number of asylum seekers, but won’t admit.

A spokesperson for the Sea Watch Foundation doubted that the dolphins are anything other than ambivalent about whether Britain had remained part of the EU, but said the beautiful creatures have incredible olfactory senses and can pick up smells from hundreds of miles away, so if they are attracted to the British coastline it’s more than likely to be the smell of raw sewage being pumped into the sea since Britain escaped EU regulation of keeping its coast clean that attracted them.

He went on to add “It wouldn’t surprise me to find the British coastline becomes infested with killer sharks as well before long, if they ain’t already here, because they’ve got an even better sense of smell. We call them sea rats, because like rats that live in sewers, they don’t mind the smell of shit, but you won’t find that mentioned in the newspapers.”

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image form pixabay

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