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Rebate from sewage processors result of sewage law

Sewage companies, who have dumped your poo in rivers and seas under a clause that allows them to dump supposedly when there is excessive rainfall, but in fact even when there wasn't any rain, are being forced by a quango to give a bit of money back to householders. This money is not a total rebate, because they have processed some of your poo into non-poo like they should have done, but it is just for the bit of poo they did not do. Even though they should have, because it wasn't raining, most of the time when they dumped. So, you get a bit of money back, but then its going to put the bills up because the money has got to come from somewhere and the rich people don't give it back. So the money you get back, just comes from you, in the future. And they still don't let you put the poo in the river yourself, even if you have a bucket and its raining, and they still don't let you swap to a different supplier, not really, you can just change who does your bill but its the same shit processor who doesn't process your shit. Even when its not raining. And you're not allowed to do it yourself, because ew-yuck, no, we can't have irresponsible members of the public doing that, the law says we must have proper irresponsible utilities doing that instead. Which is shit. (I should call them sewerage companies, not sewage. But I don't want to.)

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"when there is excessive rainfall, but in fact even when there wasn't any rain," But there was, somewhere.

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