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Richard Curtis new rom-com about turd stuck down toilet of luxury apartment

Richard Curtis, writer of such rom-com classics like ‘Notting Hill’, ‘About Time and ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’, has revealed that his next movie will centre around a woman dropping an unflushable log down the toilet of her date's luxury apartment along the South Bank.

The shooting of the movie is almost complete with Hugh Grant reprising his role as a bumbling upper-class twit, who at first is amusingly unable to deal with the situation of having a shit the size of a brick stuck down his loo.

Four Weddings and a Funeral cast member Andie McDowell, who will be playing Grant’s love interest in the movie, is said to have signed up to the role within minutes of reading the script. 'She couldn’t turn it down,' said an industry insider. 'Scripts as polished as this come along once in a lifetime.'

One of the directing team explained that the floating turd is a metaphor for the world we live in. 'We are living in a world that is going through a pretty shit time at the moment, but at the end of the day love conquers all.'

Without wanting to give too much away, he continued 'One of my favourite moments in the movie is when McDowell's character turns to Grant’s character and says, "is it still there, I hadn’t noticed." And that’s the whole premise of the movie, no matter how hard it tries shit can never come between love.'

Another insider concluded: 'It’s basically a story about a shit looking up from the toilet watching a boy and girl fall in love'. He also confirmed he was working on the sequel, where Hugh Grant's character fishes the turd out with huge comedic effect, titled 'Glove, Actually'.

NaffLaff, hat-tip chrisf

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