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Self-esteem is just one publishing deal away, says lifestyle expert

Bloggers throughout the land have been delighted to discover that the root to all happiness is not resolving dietary and fashion dilemmas but is in fact linked to large globules of cash and a guest-spot on ‘Loose Women’ to chat about your new book. One full-time vlogger and part-time Mum, ‘#HoplessAndGinSoaked’, spoke of her struggle: ‘It’s such a relief to write something meaningful at last, something that comes with an actual pay cheque. Every morning I had to go online and think of some provocative way of polarizing opinion; questions like – Should I wax before Parents’ Evening? Are gypsies real? Or - who was your favourite Hapsburg?’

So, the advice is, for self-help bloggers to reach out and help themselves; become self-aware, self-promoting and ultimately self-centred - but in a good way. Make deep personal connections with their readers and their bank accounts. And finally, become all that you can be, but now in more than 140 characters.

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