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Sliders with socks are still sandals with socks, right?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Scientists have confirmed no matter how comfy they are, you are still channeling a 1970's Dad. Said one expert: 'The phenomenon of teenagers wearing sliders with socks, has all the energy of the Fonz having a cravat or Madonna owning floral print slippers.'

'It starts with sliders, but the disorder soon progresses to wearing a polka dot bow tie and using the phrase 'toodle-pip'. You might as well have a knitted bobble hat and smoke a pipe.'

Biologists have speculated that the transformation is nature's way of redressing the shortage of Geography teachers. 'As they can't breed in their own right, slider wearers will need to be pollinated by someone wearing elasticated jeans. The last time socks with sandals were cool, was at the time of Julius Caesar - and look what happened to him.'


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