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SNP eyeing up Ashfield

In the run up to the next election the Scottish Nationalist Party is considering its first constituency South of the Border.  'Lee Anderson has many of the attributes we admire,' said a SNP spokesperson, 'not least his commitment to being frugal.  Anyone who advocates making meals for thirty pence wins the Scottish vote.'

Anderson, who has managed to represent Labour at council level (before being kicked out), Conservative (before being suspended pending being kicked out) and most recently Reform UK, which is a limited company, not a political party and is likely to sink under the weight of its leader Richard Tice's ego, is seen as a prime candidate for the SNP.  'We will provide a home for Anderson in our party, he can talk for displaced Scots who live outside of Scotland.  He says he wants his country back - so do we.  He says the country has had enough - he's read our minds, if not our pamplets.  There is a symbiotic relationship to be made there,' added the spokesperson.

A representative for Anderson reported he had responded by saying 'ye can foook off', which pleased the SNP no end.  'He even sounds like us, at least in print,' they claimed.

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