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Spanish FA’s sexism gets out-Fox-ed

Now that the GB News gig may be up, self-styled 'man' and confirmed 'bellend' Laurence Fox is angling to be appointed the manager of the Spanish women’s football team. After all, what that team really needs is the unwanted attentions of a man.

Fox is thought to know little about football and definitely nothing about women, so he is likely to select the 11 Spanish players that 'any self-respecting man would climb into bed with'. It’s not yet clear if he will include any of Spain’s current World Cup winning squad or even if he will field a goalkeeper.

A spokesgammon for Fox bellowed 'Cruyff’s total football requires any player to play in any position. So does Lozza’s - any position in bed with a self-respecting man that is. Oi oi!'

'Surely Billie Piper will take him back now?'


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