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Standing shoulder to shoulder requires 'elite level Twister skills'

The practice of standing 'shoulder to shoulder' with another country may now require diplomatic contortionism equivalent to doing the Hokey Cokey whilst playing Twister. It may prove important to determine what that country might be up to, before you put your left foot on yellow and right hand on red whilst your knees bend, arms stretch, raa raa raa.

Tory intern Henry Hootington-Hurst said 'Rishi stands shoulder to shoulder - well, shoulder to elbow - with many world leaders. But he only puts his right hand (or foot) on blue.'

Hootington-Hurst added 'If you stand shoulder to shoulder with someone, it can be important to face the other way or close your eyes. That way you can’t see what they’re doing and, morally, you're off the hook.’

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Perfidious Albion?

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