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Starmer offers Tory voter olive branch in praising Thatcher, Hitler, Bond Villains

Sir Keir Starmer has doubled down following his controversial praising of former Prime Minister and Conservative icon, Margaret Thatcher by appearing to praise more far right icons.

"Look, I'm not saying that Hitler was a good man or anything, but he had a plan and he enacted it, " Starmer told the Spectator in a wide ranging interview, "I mean clearly he was evil and I don't for one minute condone any of his actions but he effectively communicated his vision and was a very snappy dresser."

Then in a bizarre turn he then spoke of Sir Hugo Drax, a James Bond villain from the film Moonraker, stating his ambition (destroying London with a missile from space) was totemic and inspiring whilst the outcome was unwanted. He went to state that Auric Goldfinger's plan was flawed yet a fresh look at the gold standard and that Ernst Blofeld's usually thwarted plans were massive in scale and sought to effect real change and leave a long term legacy.

It is anticipated that next week's Interview with The Sun will unveil his admiration of the coked up, firework up bum man from the European Cup Final and everyone remotely involved with GB News.

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