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Study finds Godwin's Law actually a Nazi invention

It has long been accepted wisdom that the first person in a debate or argument to resort to accusing someone of acting like a Nazi has lost the argument, and the concept is generally attributed to Mike Godwin in 1990. New research has discovered that the so-called Godwin's Law actually goes back a lot further.

'In 1939 the generals governing Poland are recorded as calling Adolf Hitler a Nazi, and they certainly lost that argument,' said an expert today. ' Apparently the French and Belgium leaderships called him a Nazi about that time, too. Holland, well, they could have used more circumspect language,' he suggested. 'Perhaps if these leaders of countries had moderated their language, perhaps like Gary Lineker, World War Two might have been avoided,' he added.

The expert view regarding the debate about the UK migrant deportation process that has resulted in the likes of Priti Patel and Suella Braverman being likened to Nazis is that Godwin's Law doesn't apply. 'If it walks like a duck,' suggested the expert.

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