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Teens traumatised after Ouija Board experiment summons demonic Margaret Thatcher

Disturbing news from Grantham today as 4 young people have been traumatised after a playful Ouija board session accidentally summoned the demonic spirit of Margaret Thatcher.

“We were just messing about, y’know”, said a clearly rattled Melissa Jones, 14, “we found the board in my parent’s wardrobe and thought we’d do it for a laugh. Just sleepover stuff. We didn’t expect Thatcher to appear and start lecturing us about the free market.”

In a traumatic night the teens experienced the terrifying spectral former Prime Minster spookily pontificating about small government, privatisation and deregulation.

“I mean, at first we were terrified”, said Jonathan Plough, 13, “but after a while it was just an old woman doing a boring speech about the deindustrialisation of British heartlands and limiting the power of Trade Unions. After a while we just wandered off and watched a Marvel movie.”

Arrangements are being made for an exorcism via The Tony Blair Institute.

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