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The last of the ‘Clegg-maniacs’ retires

Pauline McClusky (24) of Sheffield, Hallam, has finally put up for sale her extensive collection of Nick Clegg memorabilia and her much smaller collection of Clegg ‘promises kept’. With his loveable ginger mop-top, ‘Cleggy’ set hearts aflutter with his unique brand of rock’n’roll politics and pop psychology. At its height, ‘Clegg-mania’ saw Lib Dem policies top the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. One social historian commented: ‘Who can forget the heady days of 2010, when hordes of adoring teenagers lined the streets to hurl their underwear Nick and toss rubble at Vince Cable?’

Ms.McClusky had turned her bedroom into a shrine to centre-left politics, while ironically Mr. Clegg made a grave of his. Pauline admitted: ‘In many respects Cameron was Clegg’s Yoko – shrill, talentless and nobody wanted to see them naked in bed together. Obviously, you hold out hope that the Lib Dems might reform for one last farewell tour, or at least a one-off apology gig. When I was a young impressionable teenager, Nick reached out and touched me – a bit like Cyril Smith’.

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