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Things Prince Andrew is sweatier than

An elephant seal in a Turkish bath

A tin of Spam in an airing cupboard

Sir Philip Green at the BHS social club

A worm in a willywarmer

A bomb disposal expert with the hiccups

A ladybird in a field of venus flytraps

A tethered goat in Jurassic Park

A hedgehog in closet full of balloons

Boris Johnson on father's day

A zebra on a leopard crossing

A pervert in a bin full of tits

An ewok on Tatooine

A caber-tosser's jock strap

A morning after kebab

Chris Grayling on Mastermind.

A bomb disposal officer faced with a choice between cutting a green or a blue wire.

Boris Johnson surrendering his laptop for an Internet search history check

A wonky whelk at a woke Woking wake

A sausage on a sultry day

SteveB, Dagular, Chipchase, camz, Sinnick, Joanne Starkie

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