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Tories finally united in stupidity

Now that every incompetent in the party has had a turn at fumbling the country up, not anyone's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has united the Conservatives through inanity.

For example, leaky Suella "Tenalady" Braverman, as she is referred to in the civil service, won't be held to account for her breaches of national security on the grounds that everyone in government has been at it and it might bring down the Party. Tory MPs are whispering to each other in dark corners, attempting to understand why it is 69 of them will back whoever she tells them to, even if they absolutely despise that colleague and their contrary ideology.

'Officially it is because she is considered the brains of the extreme right; but actually, it's fear that she might leak on them a bit,' suggested a party insider. 'Finally, a trickle down effect which isn't made up.' The cunning linguist also confirmed, 'In Mauritian Creole, where Suella is from, liki means c*nt.'

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