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Tory MPs to all do ‘Tim Nice but Dim’ impressions

After Michael Gove’s hilarious attempt at an impression of The Scousers from Harry Enfield in a recent TV interview, other politicians and chums have announced that they will be doing some impersonations of comedy characters too.

- Rishi Sunak and his wife as Stan and Pam Herbert:

Offering a non-Dom, Received Pronunciation interpretation of these characters, Rishi and Akshata plan to end every sketch with the catchphrase: ‘We are considerably richer and better at using corporate tax laws to our advantage than yow’.

- Chris Grayling as Leslie Norris the absent minded pub landlord:

No matter which ministerial department he is put in charge of, the hapless Grayling ends each sketch shouting ‘Now who gave me a tenner? Maureen! Can you give me a hand down here’.

- Jacob Rees-Mogg as Mr Cholmondley Warner:

More of a lifetime mission than a one-off impersonation.

- Matt Hancock as Swiss Tony:

‘Being Health Minister in the pandemic is a bit like making love to a beautiful woman. Oh, sorry, I meant to say ‘involves’ rather than ‘is a bit like’.

- Angela Rayner and Lisa Nandy as The Self-Righteous Sisters:

‘Patel undoubtedly has a good patter around the need for border controls. But if she was to come down here, giving it all that on the merits of a points based Australian style visa system, I’d say, Oi! Patel! No!’

- Keir Starmer as ‘You don’t want to do that, you want to do this.’

- Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries as Kevin and Perry:

'(Incoherent mumbling)... Urgh. That's soooo unfair. You're not my parents.'

If you didn't understand any of this article it is because 'We were all very, very drunk.'

Contribution from and a hat tip to Will

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