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Typo sees 2.5 million Britons living with a chancer

Be it a cheating partner or a shifty Uncle who knows how to get you broadband on the cheap, most of us are now living with an unscrupulous character, forever looking for life’s cheat code. Department of Health officials say survival rates for cancer are at an all-time high, while your bank balance surviving a dubious ‘get-rich’ scheme of your brother-in-law’s is almost zero.

There are various virulent strains of chancer from politicians to business leaders, often lying dormant until your pin number becomes available. The NHS website offers this advice: ‘If you or someone you know is living with a chancer, get regular check-ups with HM Revenue and Customs. And if someone says something that sounds too good to be true, they’re probably Nigel Farage’.

One doctor said: ‘If your 30-year-old son still lives at home. He may be a Chancer. If your builder ignores load bearing lintels. Chancer. If you are hoping a sex scandal doesn’t ruin holidays at Balmoral. You’re fifth in line to the throne’.


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